Some Public Services Offered by the Fairfax Bar Association

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Fairfax Bar Association

Ira Saul focuses on business litigation and transactions at his private practice in Fairfax, Virginia. In addition to representing small business clients, Ira Saul serves as chairman of the Fairfax Bar Association’s Law Library Committee.

The Fairfax Bar Association provides a number of services to assist the public. One such service is the Public Law Library, which allows individuals to access to over 35,000 books and other legal resources to educate themselves on legal issues. Meanwhile, the association’s Law Related Education Programs teach students throughout the county about the legal system, inform them of their constitutional rights, and educate them on pertinent legal issues, such as the legal consequences of gang activities or discrimination.

Outside of education-related initiatives, the Conciliation Program connects people to experienced lawyers who have volunteered to help opposing parties resolve issues. Trained conciliators can assist in a variety of cases, from visitation orders to civil discovery disputes, and they offer their services as a neutral party. For low-income individuals living in Fairfax Country, the association’s Northern Virginia Pro Bono Law Center can give free legal help with family law issues.