Intellectual Property Disputes


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Intellectual Property

The founding president of his own law firm, Ira Saul possesses more than 40 years of experience representing clients in the Fairfax, Virginia, area. Ira Saul has served as a litigator in a wide array of legal cases, including those involving intellectual property disputes.

As intellectual property increases in value so does the importance and difficulty of protecting it. The rise of the Internet has led to a number of intellectual property disputes, such as Amazon’s 1-Click technology, which allows consumers to make online purchases with a single click as opposed to entering their billing and shipping information every time. Amazon has filed a number of infringement lawsuits to protect their patent for this technology, most notably against Barnes and Noble.

Other examples of intellectual property litigation include Google’s sale of trademarked names as keywords, thus allowing competitors to appear in search results for a specific brand or company. Perhaps the best known intellectual property case involved Napster, a file-sharing site that allowed people to download music, which they didn’t own the rights to, at no charge. Napster was sued by the Recording Industry Association of America.